Video of Keynote Plenary talk for the Data Justice conference

Last week I had the pleasure to participate in the Data Justice conference in Cardiff, as a keynote plenary speaker. Data Justice was an international conference exploring “research on, and practices of, social justice in an age of datafication.” From the conference description:

The collection and processing of massive amounts of data has become an increasingly contentious issue. Our financial transactions, communications, movements, relationships, all now generate data that are used to profile and sort groups and individuals. What are the implications for social justice? How do we understand social justice in an age of datafication? In what way do initiatives around the globe address questions of data in relation to inequality, discrimination, power and control? What is the role of policy reform, technological design and activism? How do we understand and practice ‘data justice’? How does data justice relate to other justice concerns?

You can find slides for my talk, “In Defense of Data Discrimination,” here, and view a video recording of the plenary session here.

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