#MoreThanCode: Practitioners reimagine the landscape of technology for justice and equity

The report “#MoreThanCode: Practitioners reimagine the landscape of technology for justice and equity,” with recs based on over 100 tech practitioner interviews, is finally out! I’m a report co-author and was part of the coordination team for the past two years. Get it at https://morethancode.cc!

More about the project, from the project site:

The Technology for Social Justice Project (T4SJ) is excited to release a new report, #MoreThanCode: Practioners Reimagine the landscape of technology for justice and equity.

#MoreThanCode is a participatory action research report based on interviews, focus groups, and data analysis with 188 tech practitioners from across the U.S.A. The report explores the current ecosystem and demographics; practitioner experiences; visions and values; documents stories of success and failure; and provides key recommendations for the future of the field. We hope our findings and recommendations will be useful to all those who want to use technology to make a more just and equitable world.

Key recommendations include:

  • Nothing About Us Without Us: Adopt Co-Design Methods and Concrete Community Accountability Mechanisms;
  • From Silver Bullets to Useful Tools: Change the Narrative, Lead with Values, and Recognize Multiple Frames and Terms Across the Ecosystem;
  • #RealDiversityNumbers: Adopt proven strategies for diversity and inclusion;
  • Developers, Developers, Developers? Recognize Different Roles and Expertise in Tech Work, and Support Alternative Pathways to Participation;
  • Coops, Collectives, and Networks, Oh My! Support Alternative Models Beyond Startups, Government Offices, and Incorporated Nonprofits.

The project is co-led by Research Action Design and the Open Technology Institute at New America, together with research partners Upturn, Media Mobilizing Project, Coworker.org, Hack the Hood, May First/People Link, Palante Technology Cooperative, Vulpine Blue, and The Engine Room. Available at https://morethancode.cc.

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