Design Justice Network

The Design Justice Network rethinks design processes, centers people who are normally marginalized by design, and uses collaborative, creative practices to address the deepest challenges our communities face. (Co-founder, Steering Committee member, 2016-present).

MIT Co-Design Studio

The Civic Media: Collaborative Design Studio, based at MIT and working in collaboration with partners in multiple locations, generates civic media projects that are grounded in real-world community needs. We partner with community-based organizations, and use co-design and lean startup methods for project ideation, design, prototyping, testing, launch, and stewardship. (Founder, 2012-present).

Research Action Design (RAD)

RAD uses community-led research, collaborative design of technology and media, and secure digital strategies to build the power of grassroots social movements. RAD is a worker-owned collective, whose projects are grounded in the needs and leadership of communities in the struggle for justice and liberation. (Co-founder, wildcat, 2014-2018). has been called a ‘Yelp, for migrant workers.’ It is a groundbreaking workers’ rights initiative to investigate and uncover the actors and processes in low-wage labor recruitment along the Mexico-U.S. migrant stream. builds recruitment transparency and creates a mechanism for employer and recruiter accountability by allowing workers to share their experiences and review those actors. is a service provided by Centro de los Derechos del Migrante. (Co-design lead, 2014). Link to story in FastCo.


Hosted platform for group mobile media projects, based on the VozMob Drupal Distribution. (Founder, project lead, 2012-2018).

Sandy Storyline

A participatory documentary about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on our neighborhoods, our communities, and our lives. (Collaborator, mobile back-end support, 2012). Read the case study.

Hurricane Hackers

A series of hackathons, f2f meet-ups, and virtual gatherings; an open collaborative space for tech/design/mutual aid projects in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. (Founder, 2012). See coverage in New York Times, Wired, CNET.

21 Days of Questions, Cambridge Campaign Against Domestic Violence

Community-driven policymaking project focused on domestic violence in the City of Cambridge. (Collaborator, with Engage the Power and the City of Cambridge, 2012) Read the case study.

Sandy Memorial Generator

A tool to easily create web based memorials. (Project lead, 2012). Discussion: Demo:

New Day New Standard

Interactive Voice Hotline about the NY Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. (Collaborator, with REV- and Domestic Workers United, 2012). Read the case study.

Occupy Research

An open, shared space for distributed research focused around the Occupy Movement. Occupy Research shares ideas, research questions, methods, tools, and datasets, and works to gather, analyze, discuss, write, code, and otherwise develop the theory and practice of occupy research together. (Cofounder, 2011).

Web based tool for content analysis and visualization of newspaper front pages. (Collaborator, with Pablo Rey Mazon, 2011).


Web based tool for news remixing. (Co-creator, design, with Dan Schultz, 2011).

Neighborhood Link-Up

A board game about organizing your community to build a mesh wireless network. (Project lead, with GAMBIT Game Lab and Nina Bianchi, Dept. of Work, 2011).

VozMob (Voces Móviles / Mobile Voices)

A platform for immigrant and/or low-wage workers in Los Angeles to create stories about their lives and communities directly from cell phones. (Cofounder, 2008-2016).

Film Forge

A Drupal Distribution customized for collaborative video projects. (Project manager, 2007-2008).

A portal for the Transmission video activism network. (Site redesign coordinator, 2010).



Indymedia Video Distribution Network

A transnational network focused on distributing and screening documentary films from the global justice movement. (Editorial collective, 2005-2008).

Terrorizing Dissent

Collaborative documentary about police and intelligence agency repression at the Republican National Convention in 2008. (Coproducer/Camera, 90 minutes, documentary by Glass Bead Collective, HD, USA 2008).

Cumbia de Obama

Mash-up video for Fosforo’s song “Cumbia de Obama.” (Director/Editor, Music video, 2008).

No Borders Camp / Campamento Sin Fronteras

Promotional video for the 2007 No Borders Camp / Campamento Sin Fronteras. (Director/Editor. Promotional video, 2007).

¡Gigante: Despierta! / Giant: Awake!

DVD collection of short films and videos about the 2006 immigrant rights protest wave. (Producer, coeditor, 2007).

State of the Union / Iraq War Coalition Fatalities Mash-up

Mash-up of Bush the Younger’s State of the Union with the Iraq War Coalition Fatalities Map (Director, editor, 2007):

Mayday 2006 Noborders video sharing project

Collaborative video sharing project focused on the immigrant rights movement. (Project initiator, software configuration, publicity, 2006)

Unembedded Film Series

11 day activist film festival in San Francisco’s Victoria Theater. (Producer, 2004, San Francisco).

The Miami Model

Feature length documentary about the Free Trade Area of the Americas, the protests against the Summit of Americas in Miami 2003, and the history of gentrification and community organizing in the City of Miami. (Codirector, editorial team, camera team member, 2003):


Short film about information control techniques used by law enforcement during the Free Trade Area of the Americas protests in Miami in 2003. (Coproducer/Editor/Camera, with Brandon Jourdan; 12 minutes; documentary; DV; USA 2003).

Kilometer Zero – The WTO in Cancún

Feature length documentary about the global justice movement and the mobilizations against the 2003 World Trade Organization Ministerial in Cancun. (Camera; 50 minutes; DV; documentary; México 2003).

Internet Archive Link.

Fruits of the Revolution

Feature length documentary emphasizing diverse perspectives about women and gender in Iran. (Editor; 66 minutes; DV; documentary; Iran 2001).


Animated poetic documentary short about the history of sonic warfare. (Director/Editor; 3.5 minutes; animation; mixed media; USA 1998).


Animated experimental short about technology, nature, control and resistance. (Director/Editor, with Brad Andalman; 4.5 minutes; animation; mixed media; USA 1997).




Live electronic music, punky reggae jungle. ( Keyboard, drum samples, melodica; Los Angeles, 2005-2009).

Radio Tijeras / Garment Worker Center Radio Project

Audio and radio production workshop, know-your-rights PSAs, interviews, oral histories with garment workers in Los Angeles. (Producer, facilitator, audio compilation CD series, editions 1 and 2, produced by the Garment Worker Center; USA 2007).

Black & Gold

Feature length documentary film by Big Noise Films about the politicization of the Latin King and Queen Nation. (Music and audio production, 2001).


Full length album of hip hop criollo by MC Welmo. (Producer/Engineer; Audio CD; music; Puerto Rico, 2000). Some tracks available at

Suena Mi Barrio

Full length audio documentary from EducArte mobile public arts project in low-income neighborhoods around the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mixes music, interviews, audio collage. (Producer/Engineer; 1hr; CD; audio documentary; Puerto Rico 2000). Some tracks available at

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Feature length documentary film by Big Noise Films and Indymedia about the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle, 1999, and the Global Justice Movement. (Music and audio production; 2000).


Feature length documentary by Big Noise Films about the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas. (Music and audio production, 1999).


Mixed media installation and performance about the history of sonic warfare. (Director/Editor; USA 1999).

Toneburst Collective

Experimental electronic music event production crew. (Collective member, event producer, performer; Boston, MA, 1996-2001).