Media in Action: A Field Scan of Media & Youth Organizing in the United States


From 2012-2015, Global Action ProjectData Center and Research Action Design conducted a national research projectMedia in Action: A Field Scan of Media & Youth Organizing in the U.S. I was honored to participate as an adviser to the research, and I’m excited that the findings are now freely available. A bit more about the report, followed by a link to the download page:

This project sought to understand how youth organizers are using media to advance social justice and movement-building work throughout the United States. This research documents how and why youth organizers are using media for organizing, framing community stories, and conducting media analysis. The Field Scan illustrates that media must be a well integrated means by which youthin structured, purpose-driven contextscan change discourse through artistry, political knowledge, personal/community-based experiences, and engagement in movements for justice. The report is meant to support youth, organizers, funders and allies to understand, as well as generate new ways to respond to/increase the scale and impact of youth-led work on the ground. The report authors recognize that those who are most impacted by the issues under discussion are the experts on the subject, and they are transforming the world around us. 

The Field Scan is available for FREE download from Global Action Project’s website:

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