DATE: May 2019


Associate Professor of Civic Media, Mitsui Career Development Professor, Comparative Media Studies/Writing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Faculty Associate, Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University


Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, University of Southern California

Knight Media Policy Fellow, New America Foundation


Ph.D., University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism; Communication, August 2010. Doctoral Thesis: “Se Ve, Se Siente: Transmedia Mobilization in the Los Angeles Immigrant Rights Movement.” Co-chairs: Manuel Castells and Larry Gross.

M.A., University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg School for Communication; Communications, 2003.

A.B., Harvard College; Music, Technology, and Culture (Magna Cum Laude), 1999.


Media studies; networked social movements; participatory research & design; information & communications policy; public interest technology; design justice. 


2011–2020: Faculty Associate, Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University.

2016-2019: Mitsui Career Development Professorship.

2019: John S.W. Kellett ’47 Award, in recognition of sustained commitment to creating a more welcoming environment at MIT for LGBTQ+ people.

2018: Resisting Reduction Essay Competition Prize Winner, Journal of Design and Science.

2013: Recipient (on behalf of the MIT Center for Civic Media, with Bex Hurwitz and Rogelio Alejandro Lopez), Lew Hill Media Ally Award, Press Pass TV. 

2010: Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University.

2010: United Nations World Summit Award for best Mobile Content, M-inclusion and Empowerment category (Co-recipient with the VozMob Popular Communication Team).

2009: Knight Media Policy Fellow, New America Foundation.

2007-2008: University of Southern California Graduate School Fellowship in Digital Scholarship.

2006-2007: Annenberg Center for Communication, Graduate Fellowship.

2002: International Association for Media and Communication Research Herbert Schiller Prize, Inaugural Recipient.


2015-2017: LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund, Co-Principal Investigator, with Research Action Design (RAD), “Transformative Media Organizing project.” $250k to co-design transformative media organizing work at the intersection of LGBTQ & Two-Spirit rights and racial justice.

2015: FUSE Labs 2015 Peer Economy Research Award, Principal Investigator, “Think Outside the Boss: Towards Co-Design of Worker-Owned Platforms in the ‘Sharing Economy’.” $25k to research power structures of peer economy platforms, and to ask, “What might it look like if labor market platforms in the low-wage worker sector were free, open source, and worker-owned, instead of proprietary, extractive, and designed to reproduce the same structures of inequality that disadvantage workers in these sectors today?” 

2011-2014: John S. & James L. Knight Foundation, Co-Principal Investigator, Center for Civic Media. $3.76 million, 3 year grant.

2013-2014: Ford Foundation Advancing LGBT Rights Initiative, Principal Investigator, “Out for Change: Transmedia Organizing Network.” $250k to conduct a strengths/needs assessment of media organizing capacity in the LGBTQ movement, and to develop a skill-sharing network.

2013: MIT SHASS Teaching and Learning Fund award, $65k to develop the Civic Media: Collaborative Design Studio course.

2013: New Day, New Standard. Tribeca New Media Fund grant to further develop an interactive know-your-rights hotline, with REV- and Domestic Workers United (Project collaborator).

2012-2013: Open Society Foundations Equality & Opportunity Fund, Principal Investigator, “DREAMTech.” $75k to support the development of the UndocuTech skill-sharing network for undocumented youth. 

2012: Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT), CAMIT Grant recipient, Transmedia Activism Project.

2009: HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition, Project Leadership, VozMob (Vóces Moviles / Mobile Voices).

2008: Social Science Research Council Large Collaborative Grant, Co-P.I. (with Dr. François Bar, Raúl Añorve, and Amanda Garcés), “Mobile Voices: Participatory Action Research for Mobile Community Among Immigrants in Los Angeles,”

2007: Social Science Research Council Small Collaborative Grant, P.I., “Migrant Voices: Applying Communication for Social Change Methodology with Garment Workers and Day Laborers in Los Angeles.”



2020: Design Justice [In production (layout) with MIT Press, publication date Spring of 2020]

2014: Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets: Transmedia Organizing and the Immigrant Rights Movement. Cambridge: the MIT Press. Available for free download, or purchase, at

Articles in Refereed Journals

2018: “Design Justice, A.I., and Escape from the Matrix of Domination.” In Journal of Design and Science. 

2018: “Media, Communication, and Intersectional Analysis: Ten Comments for the International Panel on Social Progress.” In Global Media and Communication. 

2016: “Towards Transformative Media Organizing: LGBTQ and Two-Spirit media work in the United States,” (with Chris Schweidler and the Out for Change: Transformative Media Organizing Project). In Media, Culture, & Society.

2016: “Media in Action: A Field Scan of Media & Youth Organizing in the United States,” (with Chris Schweidler, Teresa Basilio, Meghan McDermott, Puck Lo, & Mara Ortenburger), in the Journal of Digital & Media Literacy.

2016: “Children’s Civic Engagement in the Scratch Online Community,” (with Ricarose Roque and Sayamindu Dasgupta), in Social Sciences 5.4: 55.

2016: “PageOneX: New Approaches to Newspaper Front Page Analysis,” (with Pablo Rey Mazón), in the International Journal of Communication v. 10, p. 28, apr. 2016. ISSN 1932-8036.

2012: “Mic Check! Media Cultures and the Occupy Movement,” in Social Movement Studies: Journal of Social, Cultural and Political Protest DOI:10.1080/14742837.2012.710746.

2011: “Digital Popular Communication: Lessons on information and communication technologies for social change from the immigrant rights movement,” in National Civic Review 100(3):29–35.

2008: The Immigrant Rights Movement on the Net: Between ‘Web 2.0’ and Comunicación Popular,” in American Quarterly: The Journal of the American Studies Association, 60 (3): 851-864. Johns Hopkins University Press.

2002: The CRIS Campaign: Mobilizations and Blind Spots,” in Media Development, Issue 4. London: WACC.

1999: Land Warrior: Resisting the Neoliberal Discourse of Technology,” in CTheory: A Journal of Culture and Technology.

Chapters in Books

2018: “Transformative Media Organizing: Key lessons from participatory communications research with the immigrant rights, Occupy, and LGBTQ & Two-Spirit movements,” in Meikle, G (Ed.), The Routledge Companion to Media and Activism

2017: “Media In Action: A field scan of media and youth organizing in the United States,” in Pickard, Victor, and Guobin Yang, (Eds.), Media Activism in the Digital Age. Taylor & Francis (with Chris Schweidler, Teresa Basililo, Meghan McDermott, and Puck Lo).

2016: “A Provocation on Behalf of the Excluded,” in Friedland, Lewis, and Mark Lloyd, (Eds.), The Communications Crisis in America and How to Fix It. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 249-266 (with Ernest J. Wilson and Michelle Forelle). 

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2012: Summary of Findings from the Occupy Research General Demographic and Political Participation Survey (ORGS),” in Khatib, Killjoy, and McGuire (Eds.), We Are Many: Reflections on Movement Strategy from Occupation to Liberation. Oakland: AK Press (with Christine Schweidler, Saba Waheed, and Pablo Rey Mazon).

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2003: “Mapping the Repertoire of Electronic Contention,” in Andrew Opel and Donnalyn Pompper (eds.), Representing Resistance: Media, Civil Disobedience and the Global Justice Movement. NJ: Greenwood, 2003. Draft available online at: Book link:

Other Publications – Refereed

2018: “Design Justice: towards an intersectional feminist framework for design theory and practice.” Proceedings of the Design Research Society 2018. 

2013: “Call to Action: Simplifying Voice Tree Design” (with Rodrigo Davies). Proceedings of the 31st ACM International Conference on Design of Communication. ACM.

2012: Youth and Social Movements: Key Lessons for Allies.” The Role of Youth Organizations and Youth Movements for Social Change: Kinder & Braver World Project Research Series.

2005: “Autonomist Tools and Communications Democracy,” background Paper for the Social Science Research Council’s Program on Necessary Knowledge for a Democratic Public Sphere. New York: SSRC.

2003: “Global Governance of Information and Communication Technologies: Implications for Transnational Civil Society Networking” (with Sean O Siochru), Knowledge Report for the Social Science Research Council’s Program on Information Technology and International Cooperation. New York: SSRC.

2003: Data Slaves: Low-Skill Infowork in U.S. Prisons,” MA Thesis, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania.

1997: “Cybernetic Delirium: Splice Edit,” in Arthur and Marilouise Kroker (eds.), Digital Delirium. New York: St. Martin’s Press.

Other Publications – Non-refereed

2018: “#MoreThanCode: Practitioners reimagine the landscape of technology for justice and equity” (With Maya Wagoner, Berhan Taye, Caroline Rivas, Chris Schweidler, Georgia Bullen, & the T4SJ Project), report for the NetGain Funder Collaborative. Research Action Design & Open Technology Institute. Available online at

2017: “Notes on Design Justice and Digital Technologies,” in Design Justice Zine Issue #3: Design Justice for Action, Detroit: Allied Media Projects/Design Justice Network, pp. 13-24.

2016: “Grassroots-TechnologInnen: Kritische Medienkompetenz  in der Immigranten Bewegungen in den USA [trans.: Grassroots technologists: critical digital media literacy in the immigrant movement in the U.S.A],” Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen 4/2016,  pp. 68-78.

2015: Costanza-Chock, Sasha, Schweidler, Chris, and the Out for Change: Transformative Media Organizing Project (2015). “Towards Transformative Media Organizing: LGBTQ and Two-Spirit Media Work in the United States.” Strengths & needs assessment by the Ford Foundation’s Advancing LGBT Rights Initiative, Research Action Design, and the MIT Center for Civic Media. New York: the Ford Foundation. Available online at

2014: “Auge y caída de Ocupad Wall Street: cinco lecciones para los movimientos en línea.” (with Christine Schweidler y Charlie DeTar). En El Poder de las Redes Sociales. Vanguardia Dossier No. 50, Enero-Marzo 2014.

2012: “VozMob & The Institute of Popular Education of Southern California.” In Amber Hickey (Ed.), A Guidebook of Alternative Nows. Los Angeles: The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press.

2010: “New America Foundation Comments on the Federal Communication Commission’s Inquiry into the Future of Media,” Co-author (w/New America Foundation).

2009: “Digital Public Media: New Diversity or Same Old Boys Network?” background paper for Public Media Corps convening, NYC (with Ernest J. Wilson, III).

2008: “Whitepaper on the Future of Public Media.” Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

2008: Copyright, Patents, Access to Knowledge,” in Campaign 2008: USC Annenberg Technology and Media Policy Watch. Annenberg Research Network on International Communication, Los Angeles.

2006: “Horizontal Communication and Social Movements,” analytical note for Manuel Castells’ research on Communication, Power, and Counterpower in the Network Society, Los Angeles.

2003: WSIS, the Neoliberal Agenda, and Counterproposals from Civil Society,” in Greenpepper Magazine, Information Issue: Winter 03/04.

2002: “coyBOTt: Background and Context for the Application of coyBOTt Software to Systematic Analysis of Branding, Boycott, and Cultural Sponsorship,” White Paper #1. London: MSDM/SOFT.


CMS.362/862. Civic Media: Collaborative Design Studio. | |

CMS.361/861. Networked Social Movements: Media and Mobilization. |

CMS.360/860. Introduction to Civic Media. | 

CMS.100. Introduction to Media Studies.

Comm.366: Multimedia for Social Change. Designed and taught service-learning class for undergraduates and MA students, University of Southern California, 2009. Syllabus:

ASIMS: Annenberg Summer Institute for Methods and Statistics, Methods in Multimedia Scholarship. Designed and co-taught with Steve Anderson, University of Southern California, 2009 and 2010. Syllabus: and

ASIMS: Annenberg Summer Institute for Methods and Statistics, Community Based Multimedia. Designed and co-taught with Steve Anderson, University of Southern California, 2008. Syllabus:


September 2019 [submitted, accepted]: Co-organizer (with Firuzeh Shokooh-Valle, Paola Ricaurte Quijano, and Joana Varon), Open Panel on “Technology, Violence, and Resistance: Feminist, Decolonial, and Intersectional Perspectives.” Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), New Orleans.

August 2019: Presenter and workshop facilitator, “Design Justice and Transfeminist Speculative Design,” IDEO, Cambridge, MA.

June 2019: Invited speaker, “From Design for Good to Design Justice,” EYEO Festival, Minneapolis.

October 2018: Invited panelist (with Jeana Dunlap, Jen Grosso, Jess Myers, Peggy Deamer, and Maya Harakawa), “Design Activism.” A Convergence at the Confluence of Power, Identity, and Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA. 

October 2018: Keynote speaker (with Palak Shah and Vivian Graubard), “Technology, advocacy, and workers’ rights.” 2018 Public Interest Technology Summit, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA. 

October 2018: Panelist (with Maya Wagoner), “#MoreThanCode: Practitioners Reimagine the landscape of tech for justice and equity.” 2018 Public Interest Technology Summit, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA. 

October 2018: Keynote speaker, “Beyond the Hashtag: Transformative Media Organizing for immigrant rights, Occupy, and Queer & Trans liberation.” International Colloquium: Youth and Global Movements, University of the Azores. Azores, Portugal. 

September 2018: Invited panelist (with Ethan Zuckerman, Yasmin Elayat, Grace Lee, and Amelia Winger-Bearskin), “Swarm: the dangers and risks of co-creation, and building ethical frameworks and protocols to mitigate them.” Collective Wisdom Symposium at MIT, Cambridge, MA. 

June 2018: Paper, “Design Justice: Towards an Intersectional Feminist Framework for Design Theory and Practice,” Design Research Society, Limerick, Ireland.

June 2018: Moderator, “Shaping Data, Shaping Power” Plenary, Allied Media Conference, Detroit. 

June 2018: Presenter and facilitator, “#MoreThanCode: findings from the Tech for Social Justice field scan.” Allied Media Conference, Detroit. 

May 2018: Invited panelist, “Activism, Social Justice and the Role of Contemporary Scholarship,” International Communications Association, Prague. 

May 2018: Paper, “So You Want to Disrupt the Matrix of Domination: Towards a Design Justice Approach to Data Interventions,” International Communications Association, Prague. 

May 2018: Keynote plenary speaker, “Data and Discrimination,” Data Justice 2018, Cardiff. 

March 2018: MIT Women and Gender Studies Intellectual Forum: “#DesignJustice.”

February 2018: Participant, “Workshop on Refugees, ICTs, and the Media,” MIT.

February 2018: Invited panelist, “Speaking Truth to Power,” MIT, w/Dr. Cornel West, Ceasar McDowell, Joy Buolamwini, and Jennifer Light.

November 2017: Invited panelist, “Next Labor: Designing Platform Cooperatives in a Worker-Centered Way.” The People’s Disruption: Platform Co-ops for Global Challenges. The New School, New York City, NY. 

November 2017: Keynote respondent, “Inclusion in the Age of AI.” AI & Inclusion Symposium, Institute for Technology and Society/Berkman-Klein Center/Network of Centers, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

October 2017: Invited participant, “Inclusión en Acción: Encuentro de Voces y Perspectivas.” Centro de Internet y Sociedad de la Universidad del Rosario (ISUR) y el Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society (Berkman Klein Center), Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia. 

July 2017: Paper presentation, “Transformative Media Organizing: Key findings from participatory action research across three social movements.” International Association for Media and Communication Research, Cartegena, Colombia.

July 2017: Plenary respondent, “The International Panel on Social Progress,” International Association for Media and Communication Research, Cartegena, Colombia. 

June 2017: Plenary Moderator, “Data and Power,” Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI. 

June 2017: Workshop co-facilitator, “Design Justice Network Planning Session,” Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI. 

June 2017: Workshop co-facilitator, “Technology for Social Justice Field Scan Workshop,” Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI.

May 2017: Invited respondent, “Global Interventions in Communication Policy, Rights, and Justice: Reflections on the International Panel on Social Progress,” International Communications Association, San Diego, CA.

May 2017: Co-organizer, “Media Justice: Race, borders, disability, data,” preconference to the International Communications Association conference, San Diego, CA.

May 2017: Keynote (with Lili Anaz), “Resistindo à distopia – práticas para dialogar com não especialistas,” CryptoRave 2017, São Paulo, Brasil.

February 2017: Invited panel chair, “Community Leaders for Trans* Liberation,” Harvard LGBTQ Conference: Advocacy, Agency, and Alliances for a Changing World, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA.

February 2017: Roundtable panelist, “Feminisms Unbound: Trans/Multi/Mediations,“ Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies, MIT, Cambridge, MA. 

November 2016: Panel organizer and chair, “How to Build Platform Coops: Co-Design, Lean Product Development, and Free Software FTW,” Platform Cooperativism conference, New School, New York City, NY.

November 2016: Panelist, “Media in Action: A Field Scan of Media and Youth Organizing in the United States,” Competitive Papers in Activism and Social Justice, National Communications Association, Philadelphia, PA. 

November 2016: Panelist, “Towards Transformative Media Organizing,” GLBTQ Concerns: Identity, Advocacy, and Agency, National Communications Association, Philadelphia, PA. 

October 2016: Invited panelist, “Workshop: Transformations of Public Space,” Vilnius, Lithuania

September 2016: Invited speaker, “Industries of Crisis, Aesthetics of Dissent,” Vilnius, Lithuania

September 2016: Invited panelist, “Public discussion: Role of the Museum in a Network Society,” Kaunas, Lithuania

July 2016: Panelist, “Transformative Media Organizing: LGBTQ media activism in the USA,”  International Association for Media & Communication Research, Leicester, UK. 

July 2016: Respondent, Emerging Scholars Network panel on Social Media and Social Change, International Association for Media & Communication Research, Leicester, UK. 

June 2016: Invited participant, “Design Justice Network Gathering,” Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI.

April 2016: Invited panelist, Technology / Affect / Space workshop, MIT Program in Arts, Culture, and Technology.

June 2015: Invited panelist, “Transmedia Activism,” Sundance New Frontiers Day Lab. Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan. 

June 2015: Workshop co-facilitator, “Tools for Power.” With the Resource Alliance for Social Justice.  Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan. 

June 2015: Workshop co-facilitator, “Co-Design Across Borders:” With Centro por los Derechos del Migrante, Inc.  Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan. 

June 2015: Workshop co-facilitator, “Movement/Media History Timeline.” With Project South, Global Action Project, and RAD.  Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan. 

March 2015: Workshop co-facilitator, “Challenges and Opportunities for Migrant Worker Protection.” RightsCon SE Asia, Manila, Philippines.

December 2014: Invited panelist, “Grassroots Activism,” Annenberg Scholars Symposium on Media Activism. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

December 2014: Invited lecture, “Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets!” with Clara Ibarra. Book talk at NYU. New York, New York.

November 2014: Colloquium, “Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets!” with Sofia Campos. Book launch event at MIT. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

October 2014: Colloquium, “Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! Transmedia organizing and immigrant rights,” with Maegan Ortiz. Book talk at the University of Southern California. Los Angeles, California.

October 2014: Colloquium, “Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets!” with Neza Leal-Santillan. Book talk at the University of New Mexico, School of Architecture and Planning. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

September 2014: Invited participant, “At the Edge of the Future: Arts and Technology in the 21st Century.” Americans for the Arts National Arts Policy Roundtable, in partnership with the Sundance Institute. Utah.

August 2014: Invited participant, “Democracy & Technology Expert Meeting.” Institute for Technology & Society of Rio ( and Open Society Foundation convening. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

July 2014: Presenter, “Codesigning Countersurveillance.” Hackers On Planet Earth X, New York City, NY.

June 2014: Session organizer, “OCTOP Data Gallery,”  Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan. 

March 2014: Invited participant, “Media Impact Lab.” Ford Foundation, BritDocs, Tribeca convening on the impact of documentary film. NYC, NY.

January 2014: Invited panelist, “Beyond Butts in Seats and Tweets: How Do We Know Films Are Making a Difference?” Sundance 2014. Sundance Festival, Park City, UT. 

November 2013: Invited presenter, “Media Impact Focus.” Media Impact Funders, NYC.

October 2013: Co-organizer, #11MillionDreams Storython, Boston / Los Angeles.

September 2013: Invited panelist, Points North Documentary Forum. Camden, ME. http://camdenfilmfest.or​g/pointsnorth.

June 2013: Conference Committee; Panel convenor and moderator, “Civics Beyond Borders.” MIT/Knight Civic Media Conference, MIT. Blog post | Video

June 2013: Track Coordinator, “DiscoTech: Discovering Technology Lab.”  Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan. 

May 2013: Invited panelist, International Symposium on Civic Media and Information Technology: the New Media/New Humanities Symposium Series. School of Communication & Design and School of Software, Sun Yat Sen University, Guangzhou, China. 

May 2013: Invited participant, Social Media, Insecure Work, Solidarities Symposium, UCLA Labor Center. 

March 2013: Conference Committee, Track Coordinator, “Youth Media and Youth Movements: Organizing, Innovation, Liberation” Track, and Panelist, “Featured Session: Youth Media and Youth Movements.” Democratic Futures: Digital Media & Learning Conference 2013. Macarthur/Digital Media & Learning Research Hub, Chicago, IL.

January 2013: Invited panelist, Sundance 2013. “Open Documentary and Transmedia Activism” presentation, on panel “The Magic of MIT.” Sundance Festival, Park City, UT.

November 2012: Invited panelist, Out for Change: The Future of LGBT Rights. Ford Foundation. Video:

November 2012: Invited panelist, Futures of Entertainment 6. “From Participatory Culture to Political Participation.” MIT. November 2012. Video:

October 2012: Panel presentation, “DREAM activists y la cultura mediática de l@s estudiantes inmigrantes en movimiento en Estados Unidos,” on panel “Prácticas mediáticas de los movimientos por la educación (Chile y Canadá) y por los derechos de los inmigrantes (Estados Unidos),” UC/International Communications Association Latin American Conference, Santiago de Chile. Program:

October 2012: Workshop, Mobile Phones and Civic Action, Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente, Santiago de Chile.

September 2012: Facilitator, Brazilian Women’s Group Vojo Workshop, Allston, MA.

August 2012: Facilitator, Newsjack workshop with Press Pass TV. Youth media / critical media literacy training, Dorchester, MA.

July 2012: Facilitator, Vida Verde Vojo Workshop with Household Cleaners’ Co-operative. Brazilian Immigrant Center, Allston, MA.

June 2012: Track Coordinator, Media-a-go-go Lab,  Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan. 

June 2012: Mentor, Digital Media and Learning summer institute. Boston, MA, June 2012

June 2012: Conference Committee Member; Panel convenor and moderator, “Civic Action On/Offline: IRL+RT FTW!” MIT/Knight Civic Media conference, MIT. Video:

May 2012: Panelist, International Communications Association, Phoenix, AZ.

May 2012: Panelist, Occupy ICA preconference, Phoenix, AZ.

April 2012: Invited speaker, with Chris Schweidler, re:publika 2012, Berlin. Video:

April 2012: Invited speaker, Annenberg Networks Network, Los Angeles, CA.

April 2012: Invited speaker, Ford Foundation Governance and Transparency program officers meeting, NYC.

April 2012: Invited speaker, Movement Research and Action Project (MRAP), Boston College, Boston.

April 2012: Advisor, Ford Foundation Policylink Convening, NYC.

March 2012: Workshop participant, Understanding the New Wave of Social Cooperation: A Triangulation of the Arab Revolutions, European Mobilizations and the American Occupy Movement. Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Cambridge, MA,

March 2012: Invited Speaker, OpenDocLab, MIT.

March 2012: Convenor, Transmedia Activism Project Workshop, MIT

March 2012: Panelist, Left Forum, NYC.

March 2012: Invited Speaker, Comparative Media Studies Colloquium, MIT, Cambridge.

March 2012: Occupy Data Visualization Hackathon II. Co-organizer. Hackathon to explore data from the Occupy Research General Demographic and Political Participation Survey.

February 2012: Co-host, Mobile Summit @ MIT, Cambridge.

December 2011: Participant & presenter, News Foo Camp, Phoenix, AZ.

December 2011: Occupy Data Visualization Hackathon I. Co-organizer. Multisite, international, multi-day hackathon to explore occupy related datasets and develop free open source prototype visualization tools and visualizations.

October 2011: Invited Participant, Aspen Institute Roundtable on Assessing Community Information Needs, Aspen Institute, Washington, D.C.: 

October 2011: Panelist, American Studies Association, Baltimore.

October 2011: Panelist, Social Movements/Digital Revolutions conference, Boston.

August 2010: “Participatory Design & Development: Lessons from” Drupal Camp LA, Los Angeles, California.  

June 2010: “Mobile Voices: Cell-phone based community journalism.” United States Social Forum. Detroit, Michigan.

June 2010: “Voces Móviles (VozMob): Using our cell phones to create our own media, share our worlds, and document injustices.” Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan.

April 2010: “Mobile Voices: Storytelling Tools for Social Change.” Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaborative (HASTAC) Virtual conference.

August 2009: “Mobile Voices: Methods and Praxis of Mobile Documentary.” Visible Evidence XVI, Los Angeles, California.

July 2009: “The Political Economy of Social Movement Application Service Providers.” International Association for Media and Communication Research, Mexico City, Mexico, 2009.

June 2009: “Mobile Voices.”  Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan. and

June 2009: “Panel Discussion: Mobile Voices.” Beyond Broadcast 09, Los Angeles, California. 

April 2009: “VozMob.” Voces Inmigrantes Latinas, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

December 2008: “The Future of Public Media: The US Context.” Media Convergence and the Future of Community Media, Seoul, South Korea.

June 2008: “Popular communication on the Net.” Invited panelist, Funding Exchange Annual Conference, Los Angeles, California.

May 2008: “Free and Open Source Video Tools.” Transmission Asia-Pacific, Sukabumi, Indonesia.

April 2008: “New Social Movements in the Network Society: Implications for Democratic Processes.” Invited presenter, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency conference, Big Brother and Empowered Sisters: The Role of New Technologies in Democratic Processes, Uppsala, Sweden.

April 2008: “E-Communication Strategies for Organizers: What Works.” Invited panelist, Liberty Hill Foundation, Los Angeles, California.

February 2008: Workshop, “Communication for Social Change Methodology with Garment Workers and Day Laborers in Los Angeles” (with Amanda Garcés). Presented at the “Necessary Knowledge” workshop, Social Science Research Council grantees convening, Annenberg School for Communication, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

November 2007: “Migrant Voices: Towards A Stronger Communication Ecology Among Immigrant Worker Organizations In Los Angeles.” DIY Speaker Series, Annenberg Center for Communication, Los Angeles, California.

September 2007: “¡Gigante: Despierta!” Antioch University, Los Angeles, California

April 2007: “Community Media and the Global Public Sphere.” Invited panelist, with Murali Shanmugavelan, Ethan Zuckerman, Natasha Primo, and Wijayananda Jayaweera, Access to Knowledge Conference 2007 (A2K2), Yale Information Society Project, Yale Law School, New Haven.

April 2007: “Common Cause: Resistance to Intellectual Property Rights” (with Christine Schweidler). OurMedia VI conference, Sydney, Australia.

March 2007: “New Media and Youth.” University of Southern California Spectrum Panel Discussion, with Cory Doctorow, danah boyd, and Justin Hall, USC, Los Angeles, California

December 2006: “The Indymedia Video Distribution Network.” DIY Video planning conference, Los Angeles, California

October 2006: Panel organizer, “Social Movements and Horizontal Communication.” Annenberg Research Network on International Communication, High-level Workshop on Horizontal Communication, Los Angeles, California.

June 2006: “Independent Media Centers.” Asia Commons conference, Bangkok, Thailand.

November 2005: “Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Information: Indymedia’s Fight against Informatized Borders, Surveillance, and Server Abductions,” Media Justice Network panel “Break the Silence: Community Security and Self Defense: U.S. Communities Fight Back against Surveillance, Political Imprisonment, and Harassment.” World Summit on the Information Society, Tunis, Tunisia

November 2005: “A Flotilla of post-WSIS Civil Society Projects.” World Summit on the Information Society, Tunis, Tunisia

October 2005: “Autonomous Tools and Communications Democracy.” Social Science Research Council, NYC, NY.

May 2005: Panel organizer and moderator, “Globalizing Media Policy Activism.” 2nd Free Press National Conference for Media Reform, St. Louis, MO. audio:

July 2004: “ALCA contra Derechos a la Comunicación.” Americas Social Forum, Quito, Ecuador.

July 2004: “La Batalla de 2003 contra el FCC en los EEUU.” Americas Social Forum, Quito, Ecuador.

July 2004: “Tactical Wiki Activism.” OURmedia/NUESTR@Smedios IV, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

June 2004: “The Convention on Cultural Diversity: Resisting the ‘Free Trade’ attack on Our Media.” Action Coalition for Media Education Declarations of Media Independence Summit, San Francisco.

May 2004: “Media Convergence Spaces: Key Nodes in the Globalization of Media Activism.” MediACT conference, Seoul, Korea.

May 2004: “Weaving the Web: Threads of Resistance to Corporate Control of Communication.” MediACT conference, Seoul, Korea.

April 2004: “Global Media Policy Reform.” LaborTech, San Francisco.

November 2003: Panel organizer, “Global Trade Agreements and Communications Control.” Free Press National Conference on Media Reform, Madison. audio:

September 2003: “Free Trade vs. Communication Rights.” Presentation. Hurakán Cancún Alternative Media-Tech Convergence, Cancún

May 2003: “Communication Rights inside the WSIS.” Davies Forum on Digital Democracy, University of San Francisco.

May 2003: “WSIS, the Neoliberal Agenda, and Counterproposals from Civil Society.” OURmedia/NUESTR@Smedios III, Barranquilla.

March 2003: “Our Media are Not for Sale!” Socialist Scholars Conference, NYC, 2003.

January 2003: “The Campaign for Communication Rights.” Break the Media Blackout II, Philadelphia.

July 2002: “Mapping the Repertoire of Electronic Contention.” IAMCR, Barcelona.

July 2002: “Holler With Your Dollar: A Preliminary Study of Boycott Activity Against Top Brands.” Capitalism and Communication in the 21st Century, University of Westminster, London, England.

July 2002: “Netstrikes and Electronic Contention.” World Summit on the Information Society, Prepcom 1, Geneva

June 2002: “The Communication Rights Campaign and the WSIS.” Community Media Association conference, Leeds, England.

December 2001: “Arts & Media in CTCs.” Invited panelist, US Department of Education’s Community Technology Centers Network/America Connects Consortium.

May 1999: “Art and Technology: Policy Pitfalls and Parameters.” Invited artist/panelist, Harvard-Radcliffe Arts Policy Forum, Cambridge, MA.


Web & Interactive

2012-present: Civic Media Collaborative Design Studio. Project-based, service-learning studio at MIT that partners with community based organizations each semester to develop media projects grounded in real-world community needs.

2016: Zeki Muren Hotline. Creative strategy and production support. A cross platform documentary about queer Turkish pop star Zeki Muren. Project link: Press link:

2016: Belonging. Interactive audio design and implementation. A cross platform community mural and interactive voice hotline about migration and belonging in Central Square, Cambridge, with the Fearless Collective and NuVu Studio. 

2015: Vojo Brasil. Project management and support. A community media initiative to center the voices of Afrobrasilian people, by the Instituto de Midia Etnica in Salvador de Bahia, Brasil.

2014: Strategy, project management. A transmedia migrant rights project by the Center for Migrant Rights, RAD, And Also Too, and Studio REV-. Contratados includes a “Yelp for migrant workers,” as well as know your rights comic books and audio novelas.

2012: Sandy Storyline. Collaborator, mobile back-end support. A participatory documentary about “the impact of Hurricane Sandy on our neighborhoods, our communities, and our lives.”; case study:

2012: 21 Days of Questions, Cambridge Campaign Against Domestic Violence. Collaborator, with Engage the Power and the City of Cambridge. Community-driven policymaking project focused on domestic violence in the City of Cambridge. Case study:

2012: Sandy Memorial Generator. A tool to easily create web based memorials. Demo: Discussion:

2012-: VoJo. Founder, project lead. Hosted platform for group mobile media projects, based on the VozMob Drupal Distribution.

2012: New Day New Standard. Collaborator, with REV- and Domestic Workers United. Interactive Voice Hotline about the NY Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. Case study:

2011-: Collaborator, with Pablo Rey Mazon. Web based tool for content analysis and visualization of newspaper front pages.

2011-: NewsJack. Co-creator, design, with Dan Schultz. Web based tool for news remixing.

2011: Mesh Networking Game. Project lead, with GAMBIT Game Lab and Nina Bianchi, Dept. of Work. A board game about organizing your community to build a mesh wireless network.

2008-: VozMob (Voces Móviles / Mobile Voices). Cofounder. A platform for immigrant and/or low-wage workers in Los Angeles to create stories about their lives and communities directly from cell phones.

2008: FilmForge. Project coordinator.

2008: Transmission Network. Member and Project Manager, site redesign.

Film & Video

2008: Indymedia Video Distribution Network. Editorial collective.

2008: Terrorizing Dissent. Coproducer/Camera, collaborative documentary on RNC 2008 (90 minutes, documentary, HD, USA 2008).

2008: Cumbia de Obama. Director/Editor, Music video, 2008.

2007: No Borders Camp / Campamento Sin Fronteras. Director/Editor. Promotional video, 2007.

2007: ¡Gigante: Despierta! / Giant: Awake! Producer/Coeditor. Collection of short films, produced by Indymedia (120 minutes; documentary; DVD; USA 2007).

2007: State of the Union 2007 / Iraq War Coalition Fatalities Mashup. Director/Editor. (2 minutes; video; USA 2007).

2004: Unembedded Film Series, Producer, San Francisco.

2004: The Miami Model. Coproducer/Editor/Camera. Documentary film by FTAA Indymedia (92 minutes; documentary; DV; USA 2004).

2003: Infowar. Coproducer/Editor/Camera (with Brandon Jourdan). (12 minutes; documentary; DV; USA 2003).

2003: Kilometer Zero – The WTO in Cancún. Camera. (50 minutes; DV; documentary; México 2003).

2001: Fruits of the Revolution. Editor. (66 minutes; DV; documentary; Iran 2001).

1998: Untitled. Director/Editor. (3.5 minutes; animation; mixed media; USA 1998).

1997: Circuitry. Director/Editor. (4.5 minutes; animation; mixed media; USA 1997).


2005-2009: Fósforo. Keyboard, drum samples, melodica. (Live electronic music band; Los Angeles).

2007: Discos Volantes / GWC Radio Project. Coproducer/Engineer. Audio compilation CD series, editions 1 and 2, produced by the Garment Worker Center (Audio CD; USA 2007).

2001: Black & Gold. Music and audio production. (Feature length documentary film by Big Noise Films).

2000: Welmo. Producer/Engineer. (CD; music; hip hop criollo, Puerto Rico, 2000).

2000: Suena Mi Barrio. Producer/Engineer. (1hr; CD; audio documentary; Puerto Rico 2000).

2000: This Is What Democracy Looks Like. Music and audio production. (Feature length documentary film by Big Noise Films).

1999: Zapatista. Music and audio production. (Feature length documentary film by Big Noise Films).

1999: Infrasound. Director/Editor. (Mixed media installation/performance; USA 1999).

1995-2001: Toneburst Collective. Collective member, event producer, performer. (Electronic music event production, live electronic music performance. Boston, MA).


Professional Memberships

International Association for Media and Communication Research.

International Communications Association.

National Communications Association.

American Sociological Association.

American Studies Association.

Professional Service

2017: Preconference Committee, Media Justice preconference to the International Communications Association, San Diego, CA.

2016-2017: Technology for Social Justice Project, National Field Scan of technologists working for social justice, social good, and the public interest, funded by NetGain, Code for America, and New America Foundation, coordination team 

2016: Conference Committee, Platform Cooperativism Conference, New School, NYC. 

2013: Conference Committee, MIT/Knight Civic Media Conference, MIT, Boston.

2013: Conference Committee, Digital Media and Learning Conference.

2012: Digital Media and Learning Summer Institute, Mentor, Microsoft Research, Cambridge.

2012-: Track Coordinator, Discovering Technology Lab, Allied Media Conference.

2011-2013: Global Action Project, National Field Scan of Youth Media and Youth Organizing, Advisory Board.

2011: Occupy Research. Cofounder. An open, distributed network for research related to the Occupy Movement.

2011: Track Coordinator, Media a Go-Go Laboratory, Allied Media Conference.

2009: Beyond Broadcast 09, Member, conference planning group, Los Angeles.

2009: Track Coordinator, How-To Track, Allied Media Conference.

2009, 2010: Broadband Technology Opportunity Program, ARRA Broadband Stimulus Proposal reviewer, State of California.

2009: California Emerging Technology Fund, Board of Expert Advisors.

2008: USC Annenberg Technology and Media Policy Watch, Contributor.

2008: Future of Public Media Whitepaper Working Group, Member.

2007: 24/7 DIY Video Summit, Member, conference planning group, Los Angeles.

2005: Media Justice Network delegation to the World Summit on the Information Society, Adviser, Tunis, Tunisia.

2005: 2nd Free Press National Conference on Media Reform, Conference consultant, Global Communication strand, St. Louis.

2004-2006: Campaign for Communication Rights in the Information Society (CRIS campaign), U.S. Liaison to International Organizing Committee.

2004: OURmedia IV, Conference organizing committee and Polymedia Lab working group, Porto Alegre.

2003: Free Press National Conference on Media Reform, Conference consultant, Global Communication strand, Madison.

2003: World Forum on Communication Rights, Working group, Geneva.

2003-2005: Communication Rights in the Information Society, U.S. Liaison to International Organizing Committee and Member, Working Group on Media Diversity.

2002-2005: World Summit on the Information Society, Member, Civil Society Plenary.

Service to the Institute

2012-2016: MIT Open Access Working Group.

Service to The School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

2017-present: Levitan Prize & SHASS Faculty Research Fund Committee

Departmental Service – Comparative Media Studies

2016-present : CMS Major Faculty Advisor.

2012-2015: CMS HASS Minor Faculty Advisor.

2011-present: Open Documentary Lab, Faculty Affiliate.

2011-2014: CMS Curriculum Committee.

2011-: CMS Admissions Committee.

Community Service

2012-present: Allied Media Projects, Board Member.

2017-present: City of Boston Digital Equity Fund, Council Member.

2016-2019: Tech for Social Justice Field Scan project, coordination team and lead report author.

2014-2017: Transformative Media Organizing Project, Cofounder.

2012: advisory committee, DACA eligibility screening tool and campaign for DREAM students.

2012: Hurricane Hackers, Founder & Organizer.

2007: VozMob (Vóces Moviles / Mobile Voices), Community Board Member, Technology Coordinator, Los Angeles.

2006-2009: Garment Worker Center Radio Project, Volunteer, Los Angeles.

2008: Video the Vote, Videographer, Los Angeles.

2008: Fast for Our Future, Strategic Communications Adviser, Los Angeles.

2008: i-Witness Video, Editor, Videographer, Republican National Convention, St. Paul.

2003: WSIS? We Seize! conference and Polymedia Laboratory, Working group, Geneva03 Collective, Geneva.

2003: Free Trade Area of the Americas Independent Media Center, Organizer, Miami, Florida.

2003: Cancún Independent Media Center, Organizer, Cancún, México.

2003: Alternative Media-Tech Convergence, Working group and workshop facilitator, Cancún, México.

2002: Show the World the Bodies, Organizer, New York City.

2002: March on the Media, Organizer, Philadelphia.

2001-2003: Free Palestine Action Network, Cofounder, University of Pennsylvania.

2000-2001: Boston Center for the Arts Teen Mentors Program, Mentor.

1998-2000: Education for Action at Radcliffe College, Board Member.


2018-2019: Annis Rachel Sands, Graduate RA. “Design Justice Research.”

2018: Karim (Husayn) Karimi, UROP. “Networked Social Movements: Tools for Media Power Analysis.” 

2016-2018: Mariel García-Montes, Graduate RA. “Co-Design Studio,” “Youth and Privacy,” “Design Justice Research.”

2015, 2016: Katie Arthur, Graduate RA. “Co-Design Studio,” “Co-op DiscoTech,” “Boston Civic Media Consortium.”

2013, 2014: Heather Craig, Graduate RA. “Transmedia Organizing Project,” “11MillionDreams Storython,” “Center for Civic Media,” “Promise Tracker.”

2013, 2014: Rodrigo Davies, Graduate RA. “Call to Action,” “Co-Design Studio,” “Civic Crowdfunding,” “Build Peace Conference.”

2013-2014: Royal Morris, UROP. “Out for Change: Transformative Media Organizing Project,” “Plugin for the VozMob Drupal Distribution.”

2012, 2013: Alexandre Gonçalves, Graduate RA. “Vojo Brasil,” “VozMob Drupal Development,” “Media Cloud Brasil,” “Latin American Journalism Nieman Conference.”

2012, 2013: Denise Cheng, Graduate RA. “Co-Design Toolkit,” “VozMob/Vojo,” “Data Therapy Workshops,” “Creative Communities Initiative.”

2012, 2013: Chris Peterson, Graduate RA. “Center for Civic Media,” “Undergrad Connection,” “Mapping Banned Books,” “User Generated Censorship.”

2012, 2013: Huan Sun, Graduate RA. “NGO Weibo Network Analysis,” “Global Brand Project,” “NGO 2.0.”

2012, 2013: Molly Sauter, Graduate RA. “Digital Activism Conference,” “New Civics,” “MIT-Yale-Harvard Cyberscholars Working Group,” “Center for Civic Media.”

2012, 2013: Rogelio Alejandro Lopez, Graduate RA. “Center for Civic Media,” “UndocuTech.”

2012: Stephen Suen, UROP. “Graphic design and Drupal 6 theming for”


Doctoral Dissertations

[2021]. Buolamwini, Joy. Untitled Doctoral Dissertation in Media Arts and Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab. PhD Committee member (current, expected graduation 2021).

[2020] Rey Mazón, Pablo. “The Color of Corruption.” PhD dissertation, Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). PhD Committee member (current, expected graduation 2020).

  1. Lee, Ashley. Untitled Doctoral Dissertation, D.Ed., Harvard University. External PhD Committee member (current, expected graduation 2019).
  1. Mehta, Aditi. “The politics of community media in the post-disaster city.” PhD dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, 2018. PhD Committee member.
  1. Selvaraj, Shivaani Aruna. “The Quest For Really Useful Knowledge: An Institutional Ethnography of Community Adult Education in the Digital Age.” PhD dissertation,  Pennsylvania State University, Graduate School, Dept of Behavioral Sciences and Education, 2016. PhD Committee member.
  1. Charles DeTar. “InterTwinkles: Online Tools for Non-Hierarchical, Consensus-Oriented Decision Making.” PhD dissertation, MIT Media Lab. August, 2013. PhD Committee member. 

Masters Theses

  1. Mariel Garcia Montes. “Just Say No to ‘Just Say No:’ Organizational approaches to youth and privacy in the Americas.” S.M., MIT Comparative Media Studies, 2018. Thesis Supervisor. 
  1. Aziria Rodríguez Arce. “Seizing the Memes of Production: Political Memes in Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican Diaspora.”  S.M., MIT Comparative Media Studies, 2018. Thesis Supervisor. 
  1. Maya M. Wagoner. “Technology Against Technocracy: Toward Design Strategies for Critical Community Technology.”  S.M., MIT Comparative Media Studies, 2017. Thesis Supervisor. 
  1. Katie Arthur. “Frontlines of Crisis, Forefront of Change: Climate justice as an intervention into (neo)colonial climate action narratives and practices.“  S.M., MIT Comparative Media Studies, 2017. Thesis Supervisor. 
  1. Boyacioğlu, Beyza. “Zeki Müren, a prince from outer space: reading Turkey’s gender-bending pop legend as a transmedia star.” S.M., MIT Comparative Media Studies, 2016. Thesis Supervisor.
  1. Rogelio Alejandro Lopez. “From Huelga! to Undocumented and Unafraid!: A Comparative Study of Media Strategies in the Farm Worker Movement of the 1960s and the Immigrant Youth Movement of the 2000s.” S.M., MIT Comparative Media Studies, 2013. Thesis Committee Member.
  2. Molly Sauter, “Distributed Denial of Service Actions and the Challenge of Civil Disobedience on the Internet” (CMS MS) – Committee member.
  1. Huan Sun. “The Hidden Activism: Media Practices and the Media Opportunity Structure in Chinese Politics of Resistance.” S.M., MIT Comparative Media Studies, 2013. Thesis Committee Member.